BITER ALERT: Sneaktip Clothing RIPS-OFF Miami-Based Mi Gente Clothing

Mi Gente Clothing released a “Fight The Power” shirt a while back in 2006 that took various industry and sneaker heads alike by storm. People like DJ Khaled, Fat Joe, DJ Clark Kent, Chi Mcbride and many others were seen out and about with the shirt for the last two years or so. Clark Kent was seen as recent as last week when he was down here for Sneakerpimps. Even DJ Khaled rocked it for a good amount of his early-2007 video for “We Taking Over”.

Mi Gente released numerous colorways of the shirt that coordinated with various sneakers like the Spizikes, the Grapes, and others. Most recently they released two colorways that were coordinated with the Jordan I Phat Low Cement and Jordan III CDP releases.

Well, a company by the name of Sneaktip, a fairly sizable brand, just straight up bit Mi Gente Clothing’s design in a completely gratuitous way. Like they didn’t even make ONE ounce of a change. They just ran with Mi Gente’s concept exactly and to the tee (no pun intended). They took the design, made it a little bigger, printed it and called it their own. And it just recently became available for purchase on their online store.

Excuse my language, but its fucked up. I’ve had people steal my work and claim as their own in the past. Its not a good feeling. Not a good feeling at all. Spread the word.


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