fresh kid: george clooney

fashion men George Clooney
With his reputation as a hard-working, down-to-earth, regular guy, George Clooney is one Hollywood star most men can relate to. Though he tends toward a more casual look and never appears to have invested too much time in his outfit, he has been voted a best-looking, best-dressed beautiful person multiple times. Clooney has described his personal style as “classic, yet modern” and says that for formal occasions he prefers to wear beautiful suits with no tie and the collar open.The best thing you can do to draw from Clooney’s fashion philosophy is to dress in a respectable, modern style and incorporate your own personal touches. Drawing from a basic color palette of fine fabrics and adding in classy, understated details will make for a winning look anytime. Ralph Lauren is a favorite designer of Clooney’s. For Lauren, “style is about quality and integrity. It is free of trends, but always feels fresh and new.”� The key to an air of integrity and newness is your own spin on what is stylish and a good grasp of what flatters you as an individual. While taking note of fashion trends is never a bad idea, the savvy gentleman will adopt only those that blend into his look naturally and flatter him personally.
Starting with the basic jeans and black or white t-shirt, consider augmenting the outfit with a leather jacket in brown or black. For dressier occasions, leave the tie behind and spice up the outfit with simple details instead. Try a subtle pinstripe suit or opt for a baby blue shirt instead of white. Focus on colors that flatter your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. The key to a solid basic look is clarity and cut. Make sure the clothes fit you well, and concentrate on staple fabrics that have an elegant feel and look. Invest in a truly spiffy pair of black dress shoes, free of ornamentation or association to any particular decade.
Keep your hair clean-cut and tidy, perhaps finger combing it a bit for a more relaxed look. While Clooney always appears pulled-together, he never comes off as waxed and buffed to a high shine. His smile and calm, rocklike demeanor are two of his strongest assets. Find clothes that flatter you and make you feel at ease. The results will undoubtedly set you apart and let your unique charm shine through.
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