Louis Vuitton A/W 2009 Accessories Report

Handbags galore at Marc Jacobs’ A/W 2009 show for Louis Vuitton. First of all I was glad to see that the handbags were just as yummy as the Fashions walking down the runways… an 80’s flair jazzed up with classic and feminine details.


These three shots give you a good overall feel for the accessories plan for this season… they embody all the themes: revival of classic shapes, black and gold, ruffles, studs, 80’s knick knacks.


We’ll start with the classic shapes. I love the evolution of the speedy. In addition to the ruffled version, there were quite a few bag-in-bag versions that were sporting a gold/leather chain. It’s such a clever way to break up the monotonous body of the bag which can start looking large compared to the small handles.



There was also an update to the Noelle, swinging in luxe colors with gilded metallic detailing. The last few iterations of the Noelle still seemed a bit “outdated” to me — the mini monogram, multicolore, but these I can actually see being carried out to dinner or a show.


One of my favorite new looks were the quilted nylon clutches and flap bags in an array of pop colors. It’s a great way to infuse fun back into autumn fashion which typically gets dark and morose as people slink into browns and blacks. The gold studded detail add a rocker edge to them, without overpowering the overall look.



There were a few bags with a reinvented epi-esque leather that boasted loosely pleated flaps and tassel detailing. These rocker-glam pieces are so versatile in the dark blue color — I am drooling over the one on all three. tehe.


these ruffled purses are luxuriously girly. I love the overflowing ruffles on the textured print. They’re fun, swingy, and scream limited edition.


One of my favorite looks were these glossy clutches in lipstick colors that had the gold, repetitive details. I always laugh at bags with silly little locks on them because you never really use them; the berkin, speedy, chloe, paddington, when would you ever need to lock a bag? So when I saw these mini padlocks in a neat row, I thought it was such a funny nod to the classic bag lock.


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