Maitres du Temps – “Chapter One” Timepiece

Chapter One Collection

The ease of both reading and adjusting Chapter One’s many indications disguises the fact that this is a world-first combination of complications crafted from 558 components.
No other wristwatch has featured a tourbillon with mono-pusher column wheel chronograph, retrograde date, and retrograde GMT, as well as moon phase and day of the week on their own rolling bars.
Long, flowing compound curves traverse the case while scintillating laser-pierced moon and stars on the outer roller of the moon phase indicator add to its stellar elegance.


Ensuring that what is seen in the mind’s eye can be worn on the wrist is the business of Mr. Christophe Claret. His exceptional movements are remarkable for their precision, reliability, and complexity.
Mr. Roger Dubuis is a watchmaker in whom tradition runs deep. He embodies a rich and profound lifetime of experience in watchmaking, and Maîtres du Temps showcases the full extent of his talent.
For Mr. Speake-Marin, Chapter One represents the perfect medium through which to express his knowledge of the historical tradition of fine watchmaking and to convey his belief in its future.




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