Kanye West x Louis Vuitton Sneakers for June 2009


New leaks of Kanye West’s upcoming collection with Louis Vuitton are seen here as the previously shown styles are seen in new colorways. The Velcro’d up mid is seen with ankle and mid-foot straps with tassel’d laces. The Velcro-joints also share the thick cushioned heel.

After, red, black and white the DON LOW TOP should also comes in grey, and a “mlxed dark/light brown with a pink touch colorway”.

And, after the “Grey and FluoPink sole” the HI TOP sneaker should also comes in black and white.

This collaboration between the french house and the american artist is really interesting and significant on the high-fashion market, and sneaker market. It means that sneaker culture and sneaker market (sportswear one) as we knew it are dead. The mass market is gonna totally absorb it. And it means also lots of thing about the fact that LOUIS VUITTON wants to extend his consumer targets. LOUIS VUITTON want to have this new consumer : older with some money, and a new fashion culture.

Available starting June of 2009.

Source: BKRW


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