Marc Jacobs “Special Items”


My favorite thing about Marc by Marc Jacobs stores is browsing through the random “special items” super-cheap trinkets. They make the perfect souvenir gifts to bring back for friends and siblings when you are traveling since they are usually priced at $5-$10 a pop.

In addition to these special items they had all of the new Spring 2009 collection in there plus the Stinky Rat stuff… it was a little claustrophobic but a better alternative than standing outside in the cold, wet rain. =)

One of my favorite special items was a Croc Portfolio that came in an array of colors. They were notebook-sized and flat — this would have been a perfect going-out piece for fall! They were stamped leather and priced at $198… I’m tempted to go back for a white one for Spring but not sure I can justify spending that much money on something I clearly don’t “need” for now.


Also, if you like the neon-soled rain boot look, check out the Marc Jacobs version for $28 in stores only. A little bit chunkier than the Chanel versions but at $28 who can complain? I guarantee you the pop of color as you walk through the dreary rain will draw compliments from random people. =)



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