Not only is Karl Lagerfeld the most famous fashion designer in the world, he is also revered as the industry’s resident Renaissance man. With his signature white ponytailed mane, black sunglasses, fingerless black gloves, and skinny jeans, Lagerfeld’s public persona is so expertly honed, it can verge on the cartoonish—until you look at his towering achievements.

In addition to being an accomplished fashion photographer and running his own publishing imprint, Edition 7L, Lagerfeld also serves as the creative director of Chanel, his eponymous label, and Fendi. (Until 1997, he was also simultaneously the creative director of Chloé.)

Lagerfeld began his career at the fur and leather house Fendi in 1965, when the family behind the brand hired him. Having worked in the ateliers of Pierre Balmain and Jean Patou, he quickly set about designing the famous double-F logo, which to this day remains a luxury status symbol.

Lagerfeld launched the house’s first ready-to-wear fur collection in 1969, putting Fendi at the forefront of fur innovation. Treating the material more like a fabric, he reshaped the stiff and heavy traditional coat into lighter, more wearable styles.

In 1977 the house debuted womenswear, also designed by Lagerfeld. Fendi continued to diversify throughout the eighties and nineties, expanding into menswear, denim, fragrance, and gifts, all under the direction of Lagerfeld. After more than 40 years of collaboration, the label continues to push boundaries under Lagerfeld’s guidance. Case in point: For Fall 2008 Fendi sent glowing furs gilded in 24-karat gold down the runway, a first for the fashion industry.


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  1. 1 sexy5ft7
    February 28, 2009 at 6:22 pm

    I love it! 🙂 thats some education for those who knows nothing about High Fashion and the MAIN MAN behind it.

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